Erotic Art

A.B. Lust

Wet Desire

"Hi. Welcome to this incredible site. I have dreams of tentacles like this wrapped around me in an arousing way, and machines have you seen how they probe a sexy woman with soft rubber dildos that feel so realistic? Lucky they plug in or batteries would be in a short supply. Does the sight of a young woman trapped in the tentacles of a faceless creature excite you? In your darkest dreams, do you fantasize about tying a beautiful woman in ropes making her powerless to resist? These things and more await you on this stunning site. shivers I can see that look in your eyes. Yes. I guess I'd look good tied up on a bed.

Let me tell you more about this artist. Using dramatic hand drawn color pictures, A.B.Lust brings you a bevy of artwork to tantalize your senses. There is a look of delight on her face as she lays there with a cute little device on the bed between her legs. The metal probe is deep inside her pussy and it's amazing how many ways a woman's face can contort when about to orgasm. Yes. It does sound interesting. This artist has a flair for drawing Sci-fi and fantasy erotic pictures. You'll see superheroes and sexy aliens waiting to delight you.

The colors are outstanding, did I mention colors? There is an array of pastels and bright colors and the dark shading of nipples looking so realistic I bet you think you can feel them beneath your fingers. mmmm. no they aren't mine, there is an array of models curvaceously awaiting you. Don't get lost in there, it might be easy to think you're in another world where Sci-fi speeds ahead of our time and you might not return. I will wait for you out here!"


It's All Coming Together!

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